new years resolutions

We’re a couple of weeks into the new year and your resolutions are floundering. The exciting new you is slipping back into the comfortable old you.

The resolutions seemed so full of potential, didn’t they? Giving up Netflix so you could spend more time doing worthwhile activities. Forgoing sugar, coffee or chocolate to become healthier. You were determined and confident about your new shiny self image. It’s as if you’d put away your cozy slippers and were ready to wear your new Italian leather shoes but by the second week in January those well-worn slippers are calling out your name. Where did it all go wrong? You followed all the rules, making your goals concrete and measurable. But somehow the gap left behind by what you’ve given up hasn’t felt good. What’s the point of giving up those vices when you don’t feel better?

What went wrong?

Giving up stuff leaves you feeling deprived, like you’ve been punished. Instead of taking things away, how about adding treats? For example, instead of saying no to Netflix, how about finding a great book you’ve been wanting to read? How about drinking your favorite herbal tea or fresh water with a slice of lemon in, so you don’t even miss the coffee? Did you know apples can also help wake you up┬ásimilar to a cup of Joe? And have you considered what purpose your vices were serving? If they were your way to comfort yourself or to allow yourself some downtime, my suggestion is that you find another great way to fill those very real needs.

my advice for your new goals

Start over with new goals, or at least tweak the ones that are sliding, by thinking up positive actions. Make this year great by treating yourself well and end up feeling loved!

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