I enjoy consulting with businesses and schools on issues where they need a fresh perspective. My background in psychology, education and the entertainment industry, as well as my European roots, give me tools to reframe your challenges into a workable solution. I also have experience in script consultation, bringing characters to life, and helping to shift creative blocks. Perhaps you need a sounding board for your unrealized project? Or some team building strategies? I love that work!


Would you like to offer your staff a workshop on relaxation techniques? Perhaps your employees would love to learn how to meditate or use mindfulness in their daily lives? Or maybe you’ve noticed that communication in your workplace is not as smooth as it could be? Let me tailor a workshop to suit your needs and help your business thrive.

Parenting skills

I have many years of experience helping schools to support parents with their work of parenting. I have given courses and workshops in public and private schools, as well as meeting with teachers to strategize on how to best communicate with parents.

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