What kinds of issues can you help me with?
  • school related issues, e.g. phobia, bullying, academic underachievement
  • parenting concerns
  • depression, anxiety, confusion, despair, panic and other emotionally difficult states
  • life transitions that are causing stress
  • grief that feels overwhelming
  • a desire to have a fuller, more creative, more authentic life
  • premarital counseling


Who are your clients?
  • children
  • adolescents and adults of all ages and sexual orientation
  • couples in which both parties are committed to change
  • parents looking for support and perspective

How many sessions will it take?

That depends on your situation as well as your willingness to work hard. Let’s develop some goals together and then I’ll be able to give you a clearer estimate.

Do you accept insurance?

I am now accepting Aetna, Cigna and First Choice Health insurances. Please check your coverage before scheduling an appointment. I am an out-of-network provider for all other insurance companies.

If you choose to seek insurance reimbursement from a carrier other than Aetna or Cigna, I can offer you an invoice (aka Super Bill) to submit to your insurance company for possible reimbursement. You will still be responsible for full payment during your session. I encourage you to check with your insurance first regarding how much they will cover.

As most insurance companies do not cover couples counseling, I do not accept insurance for this service.

Do you offer sliding scale fees?

Yes, I have a limited number of spaces available through Open Path Collective.

How quickly can I get in to see you?

I’m typically able to see new clients within 7-10 days, sometimes sooner. My online appointment calendar shows my availability.

What if I can’t make it to your office?

I offer Telehealth Therapy for clients in California and Washington state via Doxy.me  Please access my appointment schedule and choose the Telehealth option. When your appointment is confirmed I will send you a link for our session.

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Are my therapy sessions confidential?

All issues discussed in the course of therapy are strictly confidential. I respect your right to privacy and hold information that you discuss in strict confidence. By law, information concerning treatment or evaluation may be released only with the written consent of the person treated or in the case of a person under 13, that person’s parent or guardian.

However, the law requires the release of confidential information in three situations: 1) reported or suspected abuse of a child or vulnerable adult; 2) serious suicidal potential; or 3) threatened harm to another person. In addition, when providing for the welfare of minor children, the court may subpoena treatment records. Any release of confidential information will be discussed with you.

What if I need to cancel or change my appointment?

When you schedule a session, that time is reserved solely for you. For this reason, if you need to change or cancel an appointment, I require 24 hours notice by phone. The sooner you let me know that you need to change an appointment the better, as I will more likely be able to find you another appointment time that works for you.

What happens if I see you in public?

In the event that I see you outside of the office, I am discreet and will maintain your confidentiality. I typically follow your lead, so it is your choice to acknowledge the encounter or not.

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