This site is intended to give you an introduction to my work as a psychotherapist. I enjoy meeting new people of all ages and helping them find creative ways to deal with life’s challenges, primarily using a humanistic and existential orientation. I am currently seeing clients in Bellingham, WA and via TeleMental Health (online).

The humanistic component of my approach is often referred to as a “client-centered” model.  This means that you and I are on an equal footing – I may have particular knowledge, but I am not an expert on your life.  My expertise is in connecting with you in your experiences, providing a safe place to process difficult feelings, and guiding you to greater clarity on why you do what they do, for example using cognitive restructuring to identify and then renegotiate irrational or maladaptive thoughts.

I have found the existential component of my work to be useful with almost every adult client.  The premise is that people struggle to create meaning in their lives.  I can’t tell you what meaning your life should have, but I can help you to explore the meaning that feels right for you.  The goal is living a life of personal integrity.

When I work with children it is primarily with a Gestalt orientation, where the relationship between the therapist and child is key. Children heal through play, interactive and expressive experiences, so my goal is to create a safe space for them to explore all aspects of their inner world. Feelings are typically expressed through image and metaphor and so I offer a variety of tools including sand tray, puppets, drawing, and simple games to elicit the therapeutic healing process. The first session usually includes both the child and parents and then I typically work individually with the child and see the parents for separate sessions to support the progress.